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Excess Baggage


In my wildest dreams, I would be a minimalist. I would live in a home free of piles of unopened mail, magazines stacked high on the floor, and heaps of clothing would not be draped over all available surfaces of my bedroom. My wardrobe would be finely curated with only necessary yet classic pieces with the ability to translate from season to season- it would be so effortlessly chic as shit à la Céline. Makeup and skincare too would be simplified as in this idealized imagination of this lifestyle, I would only require moisturizer and lip balm to look simply gorgeous. And of course as a mark of having achieved true minimalism, I would become one of those women who could successfully leave the house for the day with all of my belongings neatly stored in a tiny purse.

I am in awe of women who have the ability to pack their daily essentials into miniature bags. As someone who schleps around a giant Longchamp tote on the daily that is brimming over with makeup supplies, sunglasses and eyeglasses and other random objects, I am in fact envious of these women with their skillful levels of refinement that allows them to be at peace with the fact that they are armed for whatever the day may bring with only a debit card and an iPhone placed in their clutch. I often wonder how do these women get by without carrying around what I consider to be essential accoutrements:

  • Tide to Go for early morning coffee spills
  • multiple writing utensils because a) pens are useful and b) I just like pens
  • four different kinds of chapstick that I use depending on my mood
  • tampons even when I’m not expecting my period because I feel some sort of social responsibility to be that woman who has a tampon in case any other female in a five mile radius finds herself a victim of unexpected menstruation
  • snacks and a good book to stave off hunger/boredom- my current favorites are almonds and the Divergent trilogy

I’ll blame it on my persistence to be a worrywart since childhood that I feel the need to lug around everything and anything that may help to alleviate any minor disaster that I could potentially encounter throughout my day. Unfortunately for me and my shoulders, I do not see an end in sight to my tote-filled days because even if I could get over my anxious hangups regarding stains and surprise periods, I would still require a bag large enough to accommodate the hefty hardcover young adult novels that I am currently reading- Divergent haters to the left. So in the spirit of dreaming a little dream- sorry, can never resist a pun- here’s to the best of the bitty bags. Let me know if you too carry about everything but the kitchen sink so that we can unite over our shoulder pain, and if you’re one of those rare breeds with the ability to edit your essentials, teach me your ways!

Featured image via Vogue.com

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  1. U see that’s why im happy I have jude I HAVE to carry a huuuuge nappy bag that u could get lost in. Al clutch to me is awkward


    • haha lucky you! with the size of my bag, people probably assume i’m moving house with all the junk i have crammed in there


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