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Say You’ll Be There

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At the tender age of seven, my favorite outfit was an ensemble of well-worn and well-loved overalls, clogs, a backwards baseball cap, and a chartreuse t-shirt that said “GIRL POWER” in azure and yellow block letters. This was 1990s after all people and I was deep into the aforementioned feminist movement made popular by the Spice Girls. Shit, I even remember the exact day Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls (May 30 1998) and that I was wearing a lilac gingham dress and thought my young world was crashing down around me. As that old lyric goes, it was the day that music died, or so a seven year old little shit like me so naively thought.

Now over a decade later with the livelihood of music intact, Karen Marie Ørsted, better known by her stage name Mø, brings us a worthy cover of “Say You’ll Be There” that I hope will receive enough airplay that the current generation of easily-influenced seven year old girls will christen it their new anthem and the banners of Girl Power will once again be raised.

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