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How I Wish I Could Spend My Tax Return


There’s nothing like the trial and error of filing taxes to make you abhor adulthood and realize that you squandered away your childhood. As one of my most frequently fretted and grumbled about grievances, adulthood, and the responsibilities attached to it, is the only thing that keeps me kicking up my heels and taking my already accepted tax return (thank you Turbo Tax!) and assembling an extensive virtual shopping cart. I have already begun the gradual healing process associated with the acceptance that I will not indulge in a couture-induced Moda Operandi splurge. Instead, I will dutifully pay off my credit cards and make some significant payments towards my college loans like the sensible adult I pretend to be. But in the interest of softening the blow that I will mournfully be partaking in finance rather than fashion, we’re going to play a game called “Making Sound Sartorial Investments In a World Without Responsibility”. Let’s examine the slideshow below.


Wouldn’t my tax return be put to better use by buying some serious fashion in an attempt to help spur on the economy? Not sure how solid this argument is but it’s probably better for you and for me that I don’t think to hard on this one, lest this blog turn into Bloomberg Business Week/I actually blow off my bills and spend my cash on a Miu Miu denim romper. Let’s engage in a fantasy-fueled conversation and tell me how you would spend your money if you had no prior obligations.

Things that I would rather spend money on via Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi, Matches, and Farfetch.

Featured image via US Vogue April 2012

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  1. heard that sister! I am currently on a spending freeze and all i want to do is online shop!


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